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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Desi girls from Multan want mobile friendship

Multan is beautiful city of pretty girls. Historical buildings and tombs of Sufi saints are symbol of Multan. Multani handy crafts are most popular in all around the world. And what is main culture of Multan? The answer of this question is very simple! desi Multani Girls…. Yes hot and desi Multani girls are real culture identity of Multan. Mangoes favorite and hot fruit of summer season, but the multani girls are hot and favorite all the time. When you have chance to go to Multan, then do not forget to have taste of both things. Mangoes are really taste full and good for health. Similarly hot sexy multani girls :)
oh, I forgetting to tell you about school girls. Yes Multan college and school girls are very active nowadays on mobile phones. And having lot of friends by spreading their mobile numbers. It is not culture of Multan but it is what a reality of our darker part of culture.

Multan cute girl


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